Saturday, July 14, 2012

TAP US Summer Workshop

Mud Lake Hike

Rusty Crayfish


Collecting Data
Just wanted to post a few more pictures of the great workshop I attended this past week at Pine Lake (see post below). These are pictures from our hike to Mud Lake which is actually a bog with carnivorous Pitcher Plants. Also included are pictures of the TAP US team collecting biological and chemical data from the Charlotte Creek location at Pine Lake. We collected Macro Invertebrate such as Stoneflies, Dragonflies, Crayfish, Mayflies, Craneflies...just to name a few. There are thousands of living organisms in our streams and creeks and they are essential for healthy, clean stream water. We also spent a day learning about non-native invasive species such as the Rusty Crayfish, Japanese Knotwood and water Milfoil. Can't wait to share all of this information with Riverside classes!

Summer Learning

Mrs. Iannello & Mrs. Johnson
Do you think teachers rest over the summer? Think again! Most of us participate in workshops during the summer, like the one Mrs. Johnson (6th grade) and I attended this past week.  The TAP-US (Think, Act, Protect the Upper Susquehanna) week long workshop was funded through the NOAA. We were trained in the conservation and preservation of local watersheds by testing stream water quality, collecting data in the field and of course, how to translate our new knowledge to the kids at school. We plan to educate Riverside kids about the local environment and support them in their actions to help conserve our wonderful natural resources. Go Green!