Friday, November 22, 2013

Close Reads and Endangered Animals

After doing a close read (choosing a passage or story and analyzing in detail) about National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore and his efforts to save endangered animals, students use the iPad and encyclopedia to do research.

Kindergarten 'Power Up' in the Library

Mrs. Lewicki's Kindergarten class has library 'Power Up' time every day of the week to enhance ELA and technology skills. These K kids are learning the different parts of a computer, how to effectively use the mouse (right click vs. left click) and using hand-eye coordination to maneuver educational websites such as We aren't always on the computer though, below you will see pictures of students using puppets to practice the letter sound 'M'.

Fall Bookfair

Our recent bookfair, themed 'Reading Oasis' was a big hit thanks to all our wonderful parent volunteers. The scholastic bookfair promotes reading and Riverside kids love to browse the store.