Sunday, March 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss books are loved by all children because they are so fun to listen to, with lots of silly characters and situations. This year to celebrate Dr. Seuss's Birthday, all Riverside students were invited to the library throughout the day to listen to guests from the community read their favorite Dr. Seuss books. These guests were very brave because listening to Dr. Seuss books and reading Dr. Seuss books are two very different things! It is not easy to read page after page of tongue twisters and made up words... bravo to all of the wonderful guest readers that volunteered their time. These guests included; Oneonta Police Chief Dennis Nayor, Miss Clow (3rd grade student teacher), Mrs. Sadlocha (RS school counselor), Michele Barry (owner of The Green Toad), Mr. Slater (RS P.E. teacher), State Trooper Sergeant Tim Pidgeon, Mrs. Jayne Kelly (former RS Library Aide, PreK Aide and all around wonderful lady), and a special appearance by the Cat in the Hat! Thanks to all RS staff for making enough cupcakes for every single student to have a Dr. Seuss birthday cupcake.

Mrs. Sadlocha, RS counselor
Police Chief Nayor reads a real tongue twister!

Mrs. Iannello as Cat in the Hat

Ms. Barry from the Green Toad shares a story with 3rd grade.

Sergeant Pidgeon adds a new hat to his uniform!

1st grade students love Mrs. Kelly!

2nd grade students enjoying their cupcakes and hats!

Even Penny, Therapy Dog, loves Dr. Seuss!

Mr. Slater, RS P.E. teacher reads to 6th Grade

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